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The Collezione Venezia trademark has been established in Italy. In 1980, the company which began its course of life by producing the simplest models of door handles was formed. Over the years the manufacturing methods have been improved, old technologies have been succeeded by the new, production volumes have increased. As time moved on, a lot of things have changed. In spite of that, an approach to production remained the same. And now 90% of production are traditionally produced from high-quality brass which has proved itself as a very resistant material for a long period of time. At rather small cost, it doesn't rust.

All production of Collezione Venezia is covered by a protective layer of a galvanics that significantly increases service life of the products. Combining of modern technologies and traditional approach allows to receive the unique product which doesn't have an analogy.

As an example, Venezia Classic door handles with its unique style, would make anybody notice this work of art. Be sure, this element of an interior will add a unique signature to your home. Undoubtedly, noticing production of the Collezione Venezia company when defining interior style will add uniquness to your home.

Featured Products
Door Handle Venezia  VIVALDI  D4 Mat Bronze

Door Handle Venezia VIVALDI D4 Mat Bronze£68.78

Magnetic Door Stop ''FANTOM PREMIUM'' HGT001

Magnetic Door Stop "FANTOM PREMIUM" HGT001£34.99

Window Handle Venezia  ANGELINA  FW Mat Bronze

Window Handle Venezia ANGELINA FW Mat Bronze£53.73